December 2002 Mix

January 16, 2006



  1. Give me my love? Can't remember the name of this tune!
  2. Ian Pooley & Magik J - Piha - Honchos Music
  3. Tweet - Boogie Tonight (T&F Crushed DB Boulevard Club Re-edit) - White
  4. Mighty Dub Katz - Let The Drums Speak - Southern Fried Records
  5. Latin piano tune that I also can't remember the name of!
  6. Sybil - Why (Lisa Marie Vocal Experience) - Coalition Recordings
  7. Mutiny - Ya'Self - Underwater records
  8. Philly Station - Mon Super Lover - Black&Blue
  9. Bob Sinclar - The Beat Goes On (Junior Jack Club Mix) - Defected
  10. S-Club 7 - Dance (Harry's Afro Hut Wonky Remix) - Polydor
  11. Disco Dudes - Good Times - Smokin' Beats
  12. Oris Jay Presents Delsena - Trippin' (Agent Sumo Body & Seoul Mix) - Gusto Records

Another DJ Cruze old mix is online! It's only from 2002 but it's a good one (...well I like it anyway!). Apologies that I can't remember the name of every tune that is on there. I tend to just put tunes into the mix and not remember the name of them. I've got far too many white labels and promos with vague titles on them but I'll try and find out the names for you in case you want to buy them. If you know the names of the tunes that I've forgotten then [get in touch][1]. I hope you enjoy the mix. Yes, I have put S-Club 7 in the mix. Don't hate me! It's a great funky remix from Harry "Choo Choo" Romero! 😃

I'm still having problems with my webhost so you'll get some other mixes from the 90s really soon. As you saw from the picture of my box full of tapes I have a lot to upload for you. How about one a month? Or maybe two if you're really lucky! Also, the podcast will be online by Wednesday 18th January too as long as the webhost issues have stopped! As I mentioned last week I have got provisions for moving it to a new host so I'll sort that out this week and the FTP access problems should go away.