Hey Mr DJ Mix (Side B)

June 1994

15 November 2006


Artist Title
Two Pals Hallucinajolly
Hed Boys Girls & Boys
Lisa B You and Me (Cleveland City Shining Mix)
Hed Boys Hed Boys Party
God Within The Phoenix
Jazz Ma Ass Kitsch In Sync
The Cotton Club Just Play The Music
Bubbleman Theme (Luvdup presents Theme Meets Get On)
Stretch Boys Versatile
Screen II Let The Record Spin
New State Crew Can't Stop, Don't Stop

As promised last week here is the b-side of an old mix I did way back in 1994. You'll find plenty of old tunes here and lots of cutting and scratch. I've tried to master the MP3 as best I could but it's still a bit crackly with some heavy (i.e. distored!) bass in parts.

There are plenty of classic house tunes on here and it'll make you smile if you're old enough to remember them. If you're not, then make sure you still download it as the tunes are fantastic!

Here's a vague tracklisting for you too. I'll fill in the tune names as I remember them and feel free to post some comments below if you remember the name of the tunes before I do.

[4th June 2023] - I found the tracklisting!