Episode #17 - Golden Sun

June 16, 2006




  1. Big tunes:
  2. ATFC - Reach Out For Me (Alex Taylor Mix) - Onephatdeeva
  3. DT8 Project - Narama - Mondo>
  4. The Shapeshifters & Chic - Sensitivity - (Nocturnal Mix) - Positiva
  5. Asle - Golden Sun - (Haji & Emanuel Mix) - CR2
  6. DJ Cruze chart rundown:
  7. Lorraine - Transatlantic Flight - (Axwell Mix) - Waterfall
  8. Avalon Superstar - All My Love - (Soul Seekerz Mix) - Avalon Superstar
  9. The Similou - All This Love - (The Young Punx Club Mix) - Direction
  10. MYNC Project - Something On Your Mind - (Soul Seekerz Mix) - Apollo
  11. Sonique - Tonight - (Haji & Emanuel Mix) - Azuli
  12. Fatboy Slim - The Greatest Remixes Part One - Skint<
  13. Cruze classic from 1995:
  14. The Lisa Marie Experience - Do That To Me (The Lisa Marie Vocal Experience Mix Part 1) - White label

Yes, it's been far too long since episode #16 of the DJ Cruze podcast. Sorry about that. Sometimes work and partying get in the way of supplying you with upfront, funky house music. But it's finished...finally. Episode #17 of the DJ Cruze podcast is here for your listening pleasure.

A lot of people have asked me where they can get the Nelly Furtado remix that I played on episode #16 of the show. I've finally finished the mix and you will find it here. Download, burn it to a CD or stick it on your MP3 player and play it loud!

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As always I love to hear your feed back on the show. Contact me using the form provided and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm always looking for new tunes to play on the show so if you're an up and coming producer who's looking for some exposure then let me know and if I like the tunes, I'll play them.