Episode #22 - Life Begins

October 10, 2006




  1. DJ Cruze big tunes:
  2. Krafty Kuts - Tell Me How You Feel (Young Punx 12" Edit) - Against The Grain
  3. Tune Brothers - I Like It (Ian Carey's Ghetto Fabulous Mix) - Housesession Records
  4. DJ Cruze chart rundown:
  5. Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back To Your House (Kurd Maverick Mix) - XL Records
  6. Sexy Toy - Everytime (Original Mix) - Orxy Music
  7. Jamiroquai - Runaway (Tom Belton Dub) - Sony BMG
  8. Ministers De La Funk - Believe 2006 (Lys Vocal Remix) - Oxyd
  9. The Energies - Life Begins (Raul Rincon Dub) - Hypertelic Records
  10. Lucky 7 - Why (Club Mix) - Simply Recordings
  11. Fatboy Slim - Champion Sound (M-Factor Remix) - Skint
  12. Cruze classic from 2000:
  13. 99th Affair feat. Latanza Waters - Mountain Top (Pierre J's New Born Vox Dub) - Edel

Back again? And within two weeks (...well, almost two weeks!)? That can't be happening can it? Amazingly, episode #22 of the DJ Cruze podcast is live and it's a corker! A little mellower than the last episode, it's back to the funky style that you know and love.

There are some great tunes on this episode. Check out the reggae stylings of Lucky 7's "Why?". It's by an unknown producer, well I've not been told who it is anyway. Could it be Olav Basoski in another guise? There's a great new remix of "Believe" by Ministers De La Funk on the massive Italian label Oxyd. Big thanks to Davide for sending it to me.

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