Episode #28 - Joy

28 January 2007

28 January 2007


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Artist Title
Mark Picchiotti No More Pain (Krisco Vox)
Christian Hornbostel Joy (Bobby Blanco and Miki Moto Remix)
Nu Frequency Love Sick (Cagedbaby Babymix)
DJ Cruze chart rundown:
Francesco Diaz Life Is Too Short (Full Vocal Mix)
Sach & Bomba Livin' The Music (Vocal Club Mix)
The Star Alliance He's A Runner (Wesley Clarke Remix)
Big Brovaz Big Bro Thang (Soul Seekers Dub Mix)
Rogue Traders Way To Go (Dada Mix)
Justin Timberlake What Goes Around Comes Around (Sebastien Leger Remix)
Cruze classic from 1998:
Louise All That Matters (DJ Tonka Mix)

Podcast #28 is here and it is time to chill out a little bit after the Christmas holidays. I've been sent loads of great soulful tunes over the past few weeks and thought I'd share a few of them with you at the start of the show. Most of the time I'm playing a bit tougher or funkier in the clubs but it's nice to play some warm-up tunes to start off the show.

Another thing that you guys and girls might have noticed is an improvement in sound quality. I've decided to see how my bandwidth holds out when I give you 128 kbps MP3s instead of the 96 kbps MP3s that I used to give. It does give a lot better sound quality but I'm wary of it costing me too much in bandwidth costs and also the fact that in theory people could make an edit of one of the tracks. Hopefully I do enough talking for that to not be a problem! Go out and buy the tracks if you like them!

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As always I love to hear your feed back on the show. Contact me using the form provided and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm always looking for new tunes to play on the show so if you're an up and coming producer who's looking for some exposure then let me know and if I like the tunes, I'll play them.