Episode #44 - Better Days

22 October 2008

22 October 2008


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Artist Title
Spencer & Hill Right On Time (Original Mix)
Dave Spoon & Funkagenda Won't Do It Again (Sunrise)
The Shapeshifters Lola's Theme (2008 Re-edit)
Soul Avengerz feat. Zena Chavez Move (Ian Carey and Brad Holland Mix)
Shakedown At Night (Seamus Haji Remix)
Jason Phats feat. Ben Ofoedu Can't Stop (Daft & Pearson Mix)
Redroche Give U More (Original Mix)
Christian Falk feat. Robyn Dream On (Moto Blanco Vocal Mix)
Tony Di Bart The Real Thing (Wideboys Remix)
Cruze classic from 1991:
Jimi Polo Better Days (Sasha's DMC Remix)

Episode #44 of the DJ Cruze Podcast has come a few days later than I promised. Sorry about that. I had a throat infection last week and sounded like a bad Barry White impersonator. I'm sure you'd have pulled your earphones out of your ears had you heard a podcast with that voice on it. So better late than never we've got episode #44 of the podcast with plenty of funky and chunky tunes for your listening pleasure!

Kicking off the show we've got some electro house fun from Spencer and Hill followed by a great new track from Dave Spoon and Funkagenda. Plenty of synth basslines and some lovely piano and strings. Then we've got a great new remix of The Shapeshifter's classic "Lola's Theme". They've taken it into the electro house realm with their 2008 re-edit but I still think it works well.

We've also got a few remixes of old classics from Shakedown and Toni Di Bart, both of which still keep the original vibe but with 2008 production values. Lovely! Ending the show we've got a killer Cruze Classic from Jimi Polo with "Better Days". It's a wicked remix by Sasha, back when he used to make piano tunes rather than his progressive sound of today. An awesome track which I have caned for years! Enjoy!

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The image is from my record collection. Ah, the good old days of vinyl!