DJ Cruze Podcasts

DJ Cruze Podcasts

The DJ Cruze Podcast

The DJ Cruze podcast started way back in 2005 as I was an early adopter of podcasting.

It was a way for me to share some new music with my fans and friends and slowly gained a cult following. It was a monthly radio-style show that shared new tracks that I was playing in clubs in the UK and Germany. Although I was a club DJ who mixed tracks, I started to talk over the music because I was worried that people would try and rip the promotional tracks from the mixes. I was trying to avoid getting sued by the record labels!

The podcast was pretty regular up until we had children in the late 2000s. It then became a bit more sporadic and finally ended in 2011.

Here's an archive of all of the shows from 2005 to 2011. I hope you enjoy them. I've not recorded a new one since 2011 but never say never!